Turin is a well known town for its historical commitment in voluntary services. Since long time a succession of different experiences took place in town, concerning charity and assistance Now, a small but original and independent sponsorship, regarding culture and tourism found its way in cultural voluntary field.

In San Filippo church a group of people coming from different experiences : volunteers, history of art professors, church men and musicians bound together by San Filippo ideals of freedom and responsibility, founded “ASSOCIAZIONE SAN FILIPPO”. The Association place itself in the “oratorio” tradition, San Filippo Neri invention. Members are working together in order to give to the “ORATORIO” new life, the first step has been a program of human and cultural values promotion born from artistic treasures included in the baroque plant of San Filippo Church. The job of the Association comes out to be a cultural mediatory between art treasures kept in the “Filippino” plant and the town community.

The Association appropriates of Hugues Varine words :
I consider consolidated a sustainable development at the only condition that it is realized with cultural heritage and contributed to its vitality and growth. There is no development without active sharing of the community.

We believe that responsibility of our cultural, historical and environmental heritage cannot be left only up to politicians, professors and technicians, but it is up to all of us. Without knowledge of our own community there is not belonging. Antiquities can become a means in order to establish values priorities in cultural development of communities.

The discovery of the building San Filippo plant by our Association it is meant to realize projects according to its religious identity , in order to guarantee this identity and conservation of properties. We know that if the properties are at people full disposal, it comes out to be a great richness, they must keep their first cultural role and then become a cultural/touristic attraction. So, giving value and preserving the original features of San Filippo plant, we do want to contribute to the cultural/touristic offers of our town.